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our Planet...

It is hard to deny that we are experiencing significant climate change. Climate change is affecting different parts of the world in many ways, from the rising cost of living to limited access to water, a global shortage of food and extreme weather conditions.  

It is our responsibility to be as sustainable as we can.  


What do we do at the bakehouse for our environment?

Zero waste policy – we donate all excess food to Epsom and Ewell Food Bank and Kingston Food bank. 

Milk - After searching for quite some time we finally found non homogenised milk that is sourced locally and delivered directly by the farmer to us (no middle man!) Aldhurst Farm cows graze on fields most of the year and fed home-grown forage throughout the winter so needless to say, their milk tastes absolutely delicious  in our coffee! By going local we have further reduced our carbon footprint and we are supporting a family run farm in our home county.   

Eco-Friendly disposables – we use compostable & biodegradable wherever possible. 

We are powered by EDF 100% Nuclear Electricity to support a low-carbon environment. we have chosen not to connect our Bakehouse to a gas supply. 

Our main flour provider is Shipton Mill who are specialised in a vast range of top-quality organic flour. 

We donate our coffee grounds to our local allotment to be used as organic fertilizer!  

What it means to be a sustainability focused small business...

We do a lot at the Bakehouse to protect our environment, but we can always do better.  

We are constantly looking for better solutions and eco-friendly products and ingredients, we implement procedures to ensure our team is using all the tools available to recycle, save energy, save water, avoid food waste and to be as sustainable as we can be.

Please join us in the effort to save the planet we live in! 

Taking an eco-friendly approach as a business, comes at a great financial cost. As an example, the milk we use costs a whopping 40% more than standard milk from your local supermarket! Eco-friendly packaging can be more than twice as expensive as the plastic alternative. Gas is cheaper than electricity, but we will not be deterred from our goal to run a sustainable business.  

We further encourage our guests, family, and friends to read environmental policies of the shops you buy from and support sustainable businesses when you can. 

Do we do enough?

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